How to shoot “Milky Way”

How To Shoot Milky way I

So many questions on my Page and profile on how to capture and find Milky way, what time is best etc…I recently started shooting Milky Way so Im sharing how much i know…
For some Great Examples of milky way you can also follow Manish Mamtani Photography and Dhanraj photography

* You need Sky Map App or kind of App to find out where is “Saggittarius Cluster” and “Scorpius”..Between them you can see Center of Milky Way…thats the Place where you can see so many Clusters….Another Cluster is “Cygnus” where Milky Way is Very Narrow…
* Avoid all kind of Pollution Specially Light Pollution…
* I found best time is after 11 till Sunrise…(Change with Months)
* Focus on Infinite and Change Auto Focus on Manual Focus (For that Turn Focus Ring to an Extreme End and Slightly Taking it Back it will Set your Focus on Infinite)…off IS/VR..
* Choose a Better and Interesting Foreground….
* Set Camera on Manual Mode..
* Use Wider Aperture you have f/1.8, 2.8, 3.5 etc…
* Use Wider Focal Length Lenses i.e. 10mm, 11mm, 16mm etc…
* Set 30 Sec. Shutter Speed/Exposure..
* ISO Depend on Available Light..Recommend 800 to 6400…
“f/1.4 and ISO400 = 30s
f/2.8 and ISO1600 = 30s
f/4.0 and ISO3200 = 30s
f/5.6 and ISO6400 = 30s”
* Off Auto Noise Reduction Option…because it will take another 30 sec. to Process your shot after shooting…
* RAW is recomended..
* Tripod is Compulsory..
* If you want the foreground nicely lit up,take separate shot of Foreground with High Iso and Merge them Later on Photoshop with Final Milky Way..
* Use Eye Cap or Black Tape on Viewfinder to avoid Unwanted lights enter on your long exposure shots…

PS: In Post Processing you need to take out Milky way more by
Playing with RGB Levels and Curves….

For Sky Map App:





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