What is “Diffraction”?

What is Diffraction??

Yesterday i was shooting some Night shots and I Face some issues with the sharpness on Narrow Aperture. though that got clear when I use aperture like 4 and 5.6 on my Nikon 50mm f/1.8G lens. so i decided to search about it. Why it happened and what it is excatly? 1 of my friend told me that “Lens Diffraction”. well this is a New term for me. coz I never noticed that much difference in two of my photos before. I searched more and I found after some aperture your Lens start loosing Sharpness and become little Softer. I did more research which help me a lot to understand more about it. so I decided to show you an Example of Lens diffraction.
I took this shot with My Nikon D800 with Nikon 50mm f/1.8G lens. I tried with different Apertures and to check sharpness I did 100% Crop and than 300% Crop for more Clear Sharpness of all these 6 photos in different Apertures.
Camera on Tripod with Shutter Release Click. Apertures are like: f/1.8 – f/3.2 – f/5.6 – f/9 – f/13 – f-16.
You can see the most sharp Image are on f/5.6. and after that it start loosing sharpness little. on F/16 and f/22 shot is little Softer in comparision of Other shots. I also attached 300% Crop in Comment box for more Clear and Closer view. 🙂

PS: I know narrower aperture gives more DoF but narrower apertures after a certain point also give images where everything is in focus but unsharp because of Lens diffraction. So don’t get Confused between DOF and Diffraction because both related to Aperture and Aperture play a Major role in Both terms.
Every lens has a sweet point which is around 2-3 stops more than the maximum aperture. After that Sweet points our Photos get little Soft but it will Increase DOF (More Part Focus) in your shot.

DOF = How Much area in FOCUS or distance between the nearest and the furthest objects giving a focused image.
Diffraction = More Area in Focus but Little Soft.

Diffraction aa Diffraction Crop


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