Travel Photographer from Delhi

Recently while shooting some time-lapse in India Gate I met a guy. After few minutes of conversation he asked me if I have been travelling since childhood. I didn’t answer that guy but I started to think and my reply to myself was not in affirmative. I was not that lucky enough to travel since childhood. I just visited 2 places named Haridwar and Vaishno Devi before 20. As I look back I memorize the time when I was in 9th standard where I could not go to Nainital’s – school trip because it was a little expensive for me. May be that’s the reason I adore travelling, meet new people and connect to kids very fast because I am still that child at heart who wanted to travel but could not.
My first trip was Kerala in 2010, 3rd year of college and that’s also the time when I started exploring photography, have never looked back ever since. In final year I travelled to Varanasi with a couple of friends and juniors but our teachers did not like it. So, after that I decided to go solo. I have travelled to #Pushkar, #Jodhpur, #Jaisalmer, #Agra, #Ladakh, #DalLake, #Spiti, #Manali, #Chitkul, #Jaipur, #Calcutta, #Murshidabad, #Amritsar, #Banaras ( #Varanasi), #Dharamsala#McLeodganj#TriundHills, #Kerala, #MahaKumbha (#Allahabad), #Thol Bird Sanctuary (#Ahmedabad) and #Udaipur – Mount Abu. And still there are so many places on my list to cover and explore. Travelling has never been easy for a guy like me who does not like to eat healthy food and who usually stays alive on fast food and tea/coke: P . Motion sickness kills me in a way but never stops me to Travel.
I didn’t answer that guy, just smiled but decided to share here. Similar kind of questions even my friends ask many times but I never thought about it in deep.
Written by Me
Edited by Heena Singh Heena Singh:Artificer 🙂
#NimitNigam #TajMahal #Agra #India #NikonD3000 18-55mm #Silhouette
© Nimit Nigam | 2014

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