GOA – Through Photographer’s Eye

Location: Goa
Camera: Nikon D3000 (720nm Infrared Converted)
Lenses: Nikon 50mm f/1.8G, Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 and Rokinon 14mm f/2.8.

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C’roque Beach Resort, Colva Beach.

Last year I visited Goa with my friend Tanvi Sharma, the very first thing my friends questioned was that what am I going to do in Goa because neither I drink, neither I go to the clubs. That very instant I realised how their level of perspective is based on false judgements.

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Through my Infrared series I am going to share that how a photographer sees cities. It really doesn’t matter to a photographer what others do in the same area as they find their own taste and shots in any place. Mostly people believe its a party place but as a photographer my perspective is totally different which made Goa even more beautiful and intriguing for me. The problem is that before even visiting Goa we make a pre judged identity of what others think it is which limits our creativity to explore the other side of this magnificent place.

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On this trip I not only clicked but also enjoyed and had fun in the most well known clubs of Goa without consuming alcohol.
For me finding a new frame is more crucial than anything else. I see every location first as a frame and then when I finally fulfil my hunger for different shots, I relish.
I believe It’s hard to find people with similar interests. I haven’t really found anyone as mad and addictively passionate towards photography as I am. I prefer to travel alone at times so that I can enjoy my own company and interests without any interruptions.


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I explored the south part of Goa. The best thing was that I travelled off season so the places were not crowded. I was lost in my own thoughts and observations while sitting in the shacks, sipping coke or juice and watching the beautiful sunset was truly enchanting which leads to a world of imagination and ideas to shoot.

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Streets Of Goa
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Palolem Beach


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Colva Cemetery
Colva Cemetery
Colva Church
with friend Tanvi Sharma at Colva Beach


Streets Of Goa
Streets Of Goa


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Colva Cemetery



Benaulim Beach

Always keep in mind that there are no excuses for a photographer. Take it as a challenge and the location itself will decide the level of photography. Every region is magnificent be it a slum, street, haunted house, a beach, a desert or the hills.
Experience the magic yourself and make your photos fascinating.

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Colva Cemetery


Colva Cemetery
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Varca Beach


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Palolem Beach
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Palolem Beach





Location: Goa
Camera: Nikon D3000 (720nm Infrared Converted)
Lenses: Nikon 50mm f/1.8G, Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 and Rokinon 14mm f/2.8.

You can check normal DSLR shots by searching #Goa_Nimit hashtag.

How To Reach Goa:
Airport: Goa International Airport (GOI)
Railway Station: Madgaon (MAO)

Thank you Ocean Residency for the great hospitality.
You can convert your camera into Infrared Red from Kapil Inderjeet Vohra, Delhi.

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Travel Photographer from Delhi

Recently while shooting some time-lapse in India Gate I met a guy. After few minutes of conversation he asked me if I have been travelling since childhood. I didn’t answer that guy but I started to think and my reply to myself was not in affirmative. I was not that lucky enough to travel since childhood. I just visited 2 places named Haridwar and Vaishno Devi before 20. As I look back I memorize the time when I was in 9th standard where I could not go to Nainital’s – school trip because it was a little expensive for me. May be that’s the reason I adore travelling, meet new people and connect to kids very fast because I am still that child at heart who wanted to travel but could not.
My first trip was Kerala in 2010, 3rd year of college and that’s also the time when I started exploring photography, have never looked back ever since. In final year I travelled to Varanasi with a couple of friends and juniors but our teachers did not like it. So, after that I decided to go solo. I have travelled to #Pushkar, #Jodhpur, #Jaisalmer, #Agra, #Ladakh, #DalLake, #Spiti, #Manali, #Chitkul, #Jaipur, #Calcutta, #Murshidabad, #Amritsar, #Banaras ( #Varanasi), #Dharamsala#McLeodganj#TriundHills, #Kerala, #MahaKumbha (#Allahabad), #Thol Bird Sanctuary (#Ahmedabad) and #Udaipur – Mount Abu. And still there are so many places on my list to cover and explore. Travelling has never been easy for a guy like me who does not like to eat healthy food and who usually stays alive on fast food and tea/coke: P . Motion sickness kills me in a way but never stops me to Travel.
I didn’t answer that guy, just smiled but decided to share here. Similar kind of questions even my friends ask many times but I never thought about it in deep.
Written by Me
Edited by Heena Singh Heena Singh:Artificer 🙂
#NimitNigam #TajMahal #Agra #India #NikonD3000 18-55mm #Silhouette
© Nimit Nigam | 2014

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How does the aperture setting affect photographs?

Aperture plays an important role in creating the depth of field in a photograph. People adore blurry background in the portraits but they do not understand how it actually comes. So here I’m sharing an example with the same frame on different Apertures to show that how it will create depth of field’s magic in your photos 🙂

Behind the Scene DOF.jpg

Behind the Scene - DOF _DSC6063 - 73